Digital Supply Chain Enabler

DLVR, as the name suggested, we get across supply planning; simply and efficiently.

Minerals, Resources and Commodities composed huge portion of Indonesia’s Trade.

Amidst cost inflation, the production quality of heavy industries operations worldwide has deteriorated by 28% compared to its productivity a decade ago. The increase in the capital and operating expenditures played a somewhat important part in driving the decline. The chart showed that the capital expenditures raised at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.8% from 2004 to 2013 and operating expenditures at a CAGR of 18.1% in the same period. The workers have also grown at a CAGR of 6.6%.

Such expense could be greatly reduced through digitation. The Global Retail Trends 2018 ranked mining as the #6 most digitally automatable processes. By cutting and automating processes, we are also working on the 2018-2030 roadmap in aiming to be at the top 10 world economy.

DLVR is an end-to-end downstream Supply Chain suite, ranging from Client Data Repository, Contract Planner, Shipping Management to Barge Monitoring.


Shipment Scheduler Module

Your Supply Planning is Complex; Collaborative Management shouldn’t

Manage your shipment, predicts contract fulfilment and get a complete view of your enterprise-wide operations.

Document Management & Due Diligence Completion

80% of Demurrage caused by Due Diligences

Manage and monitor your shipment’s document completion.

View load details on your Vessel or Barge

Transparency to the slightest details

See the movement of your vessel, barges and tugs. Get early warning and see their loads

Help Wanted

Senior Engineer (Frontend / Backend)

Has a background in programming and/or web development. A bachelor’s degree in any of those fields is generally considered a plus, as is experience working in web development. Some abilities they might have are a strong attention to detail, an ability to multitask, and an ability to work independently and on a team. May work with other people to complete projects.

Technical Architect

A technical architect acts as a liaison between client and/or upper management of the company and the designers and developers who work on our products. The technical architect must anticipate and identify these IT needs and design a solution, and they must make sure the solution works as efficiently as possible for all parties involved. Specialization in a specific part of an IT framework (e.g: security, project management, engineering) is a Plus Point. Technical Architects are responsible for improving end-user experience or ensuring a digital framework works smoothly.

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